WHEELCHAIR DOLPHIN | Goat Simulator PayDay DLC #1

By | December 14, 2017

Goat Simulator got an AWESOME new update! It has a Wheelchair Dolphin!!

GoatZ ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qwJ9R8m5OE

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Outro animation created by the super cool Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

Mike and Jon from PumaPlow.com are back with a new episode of Learnin’ Time. This time they determine whether or not there is a slot limit in Farming Simulator 15 on both the XBOX One and the PC. Enjoy!

40 thoughts on “WHEELCHAIR DOLPHIN | Goat Simulator PayDay DLC #1

  1. Creeper Faceboy

    I promise I’ll watch if u don’t curse your vids are good I only saw this but don’t curse if u stop saying bad words I’ll subscribe and like

  2. Ashley Andresen

    His Anis the best videos ever and then I can see the fishes looking like a dumbass pp ppap what ever like that shit

  3. iC FR0ST

    I wish slots weren't in consoles either. Just see how much the memory drives can take.

  4. Justin williams

    Hey if you get this I have a xbox 360 it says I only have 60 slots

  5. ShadowXReaper069

    I think I only start off with about 50-100 slots on my PS3 I only have like 3 tractors, 2 combines (2 headers for New Holland, and the other combine is the potato harvester), 1 semi, 1 truck, 1 forestry comebine & tractor, 1 cultivator, 2 sowers, 1 flatbed trailer (What you carry your tractors with), 1 forestry trailer (For carrying tree logs), 1 wood chipper, 1 tree stump cutter, 2 grain trailers, 1 power wash, and 2 gardens. Then I'm at 0 slots. PC = Unlimited. PC Master Race. But, the sad thing is that my PC is too laggy when playing this game. Face plam

  6. Shipwright1918

    All the console versions have slot limits on them to keep the consoles from running out of memory and crashing. I have the Xbox 360 version, and although it is a bit of a bother, I find it helps to put my real-life farming cap on and think "what do I really need?" instead of "ooo, that looks cool, gotta have that".

    Even with the limit, it's perfectly possible to have the equipment for every crop in the game, keep both sheep and milk cows, and harvest and plant trees for logging, and maybe a couple slots left over for a greenhouse or other placeable money maker if you downsize on your combine and tractors. Usually I favor having just three machines, a medium or big combine and a big and medium tractor with the front-loader attachment, then I have all the implements for all the crops and to manage my livestock (and use the free fertilizer from the slurry and manure) and the self-loading log trailer, a tree planter, and chainsaw to manage the logging end of the game.

    Yeah, the log-cutter machine is nice, but it chews up slots and is expensive to buy and keep, while a chainsaw is cheap and doesn't cost you any slots even if it means you have to work a bit harder to cut and trim the logs, same with a semi or pickup truck, nice to have, but ultimately two tractors are more versatile and are more than capable of all the hauling chores you'd do with a truck anyway.

  7. Terry Russell

    is there a cap on how many bails u can have on xbox one  cause every time I make them some disappear on me

  8. John Healey

    Is there anyway to get more slots on the PS3? I only get 120 free slots and I need more


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