Understanding Wheel Offset, Backspacing and Width – Easy Guide | Truck Accessories Explained

By | December 5, 2017

Understanding wheel offset, backspacing and width can take some time, but in this easy guide we go over exactly what they are, how to measure them and show you some examples of different real world scenarios. Watch More – https://goo.gl/zYYvJF

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25 thoughts on “Understanding Wheel Offset, Backspacing and Width – Easy Guide | Truck Accessories Explained

  1. Richard Rodriguez

    Have a question. I have a Jeep Rubicon 4 door 2017 stock and I want to put 35" tires what would the the -offset be, so I do t have to use spacers.?

  2. Beam Me Up

    Excellent video.
    Very informative.
    I already have 90+% of these tools, so I know what I need.

  3. kaimi kekahuna

    i see its a coachmen chaparral fifth wheel but what model number is this?

  4. Tuckered Out

    Hi, I’m planning on buying my first RV in the next few months and I’ll be doing this solo (48 female). I’ve been watching so many videos and doing research for years. I was a boat owner for 10 years and then switched to camping/RVing with my teenage sons in a rented class C with me doing all the work. Up until this point I haven’t seen or heard anything that has scared me off my plan to buy an RV until I saw this video….yikes. I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t recognize 1/2 the stuff you pointed out! Have you ever thought about offering lessons to people like me who…might have more of a learning curve? 😁

  5. Douglas Evans

    I was in the same spot with my RV (Cedar Creek 38FL) in late May. I hope Gulf Shores RV Park is back up and running.

  6. Tom Texas

    Hi – one thing that I carry are disposable exam gloves. I use them when handling drain pipes or anything related to black water. It's just a little nicer to know that one extra layer between you and the "stuff" They're also nice when you have to deal with something that's greasy or dirty. Peel them off and the dirt/grease/stuff goes with them.

  7. Tina Gallagher

    If I'm gonna live on the road (and I plan to) I am going to carry everything I could need. Granted, I know I'll run into the situations in which I'll buy a new tool or two, but I'd rather have it and not need it myself but be able to help someone else…..

  8. kevinb2014

    My camping strategy is now going to be: find out where you are going to be camping and book the site next to you!!!!! Problem solved!

  9. Skip Valentine

    Gulf Waters! Love that place, we'll be headed there in about a month.

  10. Francisco Islas

    so much for winging it and going camping might as well just stay in a resort.

  11. Joshua Orange

    How rough are you on your RV? It looks like you anticipate spending your entire trip fixing it. This is very excessive. I'm surprised you don't store extra windows, doors, axles and springs.

  12. Joe Ybanez

    Yup, I commented too soon. That little rinky dink washing machine can be used as a spare kitchen sink…

  13. Joe Ybanez

    Holy crap! The only thing you don't bring is a spare "kitchen sink". I'm paused halfway through the video, so I probably commented too soon.

  14. Eliz Gamboa

    😕😐😯😑 Woooow… I'm going to need all that just to start…it looks great but… 😢 really??

  15. Fishermen 82

    nice setup! but no generator? our genny saved our @ss last year. the full hookup site we were at lost power for days due to fires in the mountains. had the campground to ourselves. plus we do a lot of dry camping. great investment!


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