Track N Go part 2

By | December 19, 2017

Track N Go part 2

Track N Go is the first ever ”wheel driven track system for pickup trucks”! This innovative and unique system opens the market to an easier utilisation of track system in winter time.

In only 15 minutes install all 4 TRACKS… ” N ” GO. this product is result of the innovative company named AD Boivin. After 15 years of experience in snow machine and all kinds of track conversion kits, AD Boivin has developed this product for industrial and personal applications.

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Installation of one of the Midway Ford Accesories. This time we bring you the Wheel Lock!

Protect your truck or car and avoid theft of your wheels by adding this Midway Ford Feature.

Come visit us at Midway Ford Miami. 8155 W Flagler St, Miami 33144 FL.

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20 thoughts on “Track N Go part 2

  1. Tommy Rad

    Pretty slick design. I could have used these in Southwestern AK back in the 70s & 80s.

  2. Joe Justice

    That's cool I could use those to get to my hunting grounds 🙂 how much and where can I get the kit?

  3. KR15nAK

    How much do a set of those cost? With these, I wouldn't need bigger tires for off roasding. 😀

  4. reweydewy

    How do the tracks stay on? Is there guide wheels that run on the inner part of rim? Almost like a roller coaster wheel set?

  5. countrymulechick

    OMG!!! I want a set!… Don't need any negativity here!!! Just send me a set and I will do the testing myself…:-)

  6. Jesse

    I would really like to see how they work in deeper power just not fields and how reliable they are cause it would really suck if they broke and u were down some trail


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