SKRS Shifter Setup and Review (18 Speed Transmission for ATS/ETS2)

By | December 15, 2017

In this video I show you how to setup and use the SKRS 18 speed Eaton Fuller style shifter from CSIO Technologies. This shifter is an after-market add-on for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec manual shifters and is aimed at enhancing ATS and ETS2 trucking simulators. Please note that I backed the SKRS Kickstarter campaign and bought my SKRS shifter. I did not receive one for free and this is not a sponsored video.

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20 thoughts on “SKRS Shifter Setup and Review (18 Speed Transmission for ATS/ETS2)

  1. Mickey Oliver

    which would be the best way of playing american truck simulator? with the mouse and keyboard or a driving controller?

  2. Canadian Pepe

    This is not hate towards the creator but the company (CSIO) isn’t giving people their orders it’s been a year + for some people they don’t answer twitter, phone messages or email please do not waste your money! I hope this helped someone and please copy and paste this so others know this company is a scam!

  3. Stan Dalone

    Back in the early 90's driving gravel truck, an older guy I worked with used to split into the low gear on the 13 speed. He called it the "no no gear". He said he could get just a bit more jam out of a truck when it was fully loaded.

  4. Vladi

    Thanks for the educational video. I learned some things that I did not know before. But I would like to tell you something about the real US trucks and how they actually shift. I have quite a lot real trucking experience on US trucks about 600000 mi. I have never driven truck with more than 10 speed manual transmission ( which is the most common ). But what I wanted to tell you is that in the real world when you drive you use the clutch only when the truck is steady and you are on first or second gear. First gear is used only when the truck is very heavy loaded or on steep grade going up, in all other situations first gear used when accelerating is second and this is the only time when the clutch is used. After that when you shift from second up you never use the clutch. You have to match the engine PRM with the speed, release the gas pedal half way and there is a brief moment in which the shifter can be moved to the upper gear. The reason why the clutch is not used is because the engine is very powerful an the hit which happens every time when you release the clutch between the engine and the transmission is too harsh on the transmission. So the smoother way to shift is without using the clutch. I know it may sound strange but is true. And without having any real life experience on 13 and 18 gears transmissions I guess it would not be much different from the standard 10 gear transmission. 🙂

  5. REgaming

    Is this also working combinated with the saitek wheel for farming simulator?

  6. boofhead

    csio tech is a scam dont buy i orderd mine sep 18
    they now they have deleted all my tickets [3] including my request for a refund & turned of the ticketing system. its now a scam to get $$$ cant do much from au. so im screwed out of $200. face book messaging is of emailing is all thats left so how long until thats gone….

  7. Benjamin Olenzek

    You don’t have to double clutch you don’t even need to use the clutch at all while shifting

  8. Allhailwaldo Gaming

    I've ordered this shifter and I haven't received it yet. It's been months since I order and no one has been responding to my emails. I can't find an telephone number to call them and I haven't gotten my money back. Is this company even real?

  9. VirusOfCyrus


  10. Darlene Young

    I am new to gaming and decided to buy American Truck Simulator and Logitech G29. I have to get this cool device as I want as realistic an experience as possible. But do I need to get the easy jake add on or does the G29 have a button or switch to set up a jake brake function?

  11. Darlene Young

    Is this a good thing to buy to practice my truck driving? I'm taking CDL training now and feel I would like more practice. Especially for hill shifting.


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