Silverado Extreme 4 Wheel Full Suspension Electric Mobility Scooter + Challenger Accessories Bundl

By | December 20, 2017

Merits S941L Silverado Extreme 4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter is a modern sporty looking heavy duty scooter, that offers a longer travel range with the 100 ah upgraded batteries.

Test ride it at Top Mobility Scooters, America’s largest scooter provider. Included: Challenger Mobility Accessory Bundle= Vinyl Cover, Cup Holder, Armrest Bag & Cooler Bag

Silverado Extreme 4 Wheel Full Suspension Electric Mobility Scooter + Challenger Accessories Bundle Video:
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Learn how to apply the Hyper Silver Wheel Coating, a detailing spray can from Dupli-Color. Dupli-Color® Hyper Silver Coating is a two-can system that creates a deep silver metallic finish over all types of wheel finishes. The system includes the Hyper Silver base coat. The Clear top coat adds gloss, depth and protection from the elements. Dupli-Color® Hyper Silver Coating is resistant to brake dust, road abrasion, chipping, and fading, making it ideal for customizing any car, bike, truck wheel or accessory.


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20 thoughts on “Silverado Extreme 4 Wheel Full Suspension Electric Mobility Scooter + Challenger Accessories Bundl

  1. Tim Carson

    Sorry, but this product needs to be removed from the market and maybe it's time to talk class action for false advertising.

    It is advertised as being "HyperSilver" when in fact it is "Cheap Looking Blue-Grey"

    I actually ruined the look of my wife's expensive Infiniti M45 by using this product as a "Surprise Gift" for her car.
    She had a little curb rash on her otherwise perfect M45, so I thought I'd surprise her.
    Little did I know how much of a surprise it would turn out to be!!

    She took one look and said "What the F***k did you do to my beautiful car? – Why would anyone want Blue-Grey Wheels?"
    (She hardly ever swears, but this was a situation where I could not blame her – it looked like crap)

    Now I have to pay someone $$ extra to strip off this crap and re-paint them with real HyperSilver… or replace all four rims – not sure which is going to cost me less.

    Who the heck though that adding a dark blue tint to a 1K "Clear" was going to result in HyperSilver?
    Are these guys colorblind or what? (And Translucent Blue is NOT Clear, it's tinted – say so on the can so we know what we are working with.)

  2. Tim Carson

    Has the formula been improved since this came out, or is it still more of a Silver-Blue than Hyper-Silver?
    I've read a ton of 2-3 year old reviews from people saying it had much too much blue in the Clear Coat.

    If the formula hasn't changed, maybe a light coat of the included 'Blue/Clear' followed by a heavy 2K Ultra Clear would yield satisfactory results…

  3. Its Viirn

    do you need to use primer? I have alloy rims with clear coat I'm gonna scuff and use no primer how will the paint hold up?

  4. Pauline Tanwin

    I just user this to paint my rims cam out good, but I want to know how long do I wait till I can use my car…..
    I did not remove the wheel while painting. I simply taped of the tires and put plastic bags between the wheel and breaks so the paint did not get on the breaks

  5. Erik Castañeda

    Short comment: I do recommend this product, but be ware of the preparation and some tries I made.
    I just used a couple of kits for my 4 x17" Mazda 3 2012 rims. And result is far better than expected. Rims were not that bad overall, just the outer border in 3 of them had scratches that I had to scuff, fill, and so. Then I used Dupli Color Adhesion promoter primer (the green cap one) in two different approaches.
    A) One rim I just lightly scuffed the overall rim area, that had no issues, and used primer in the border where I made the fixings, trying to no overspray to the inner part of the rim, but also not to leave a hard mark where the primer was applied vs where not. Then wet sanded the primer and a little bit the rest of the rim. Used base coat, 2 light layers and a third wet one, let it dry for 4 hours, and used the clear coat, same thing, 2 light ones and 3 wet layer. The color result was darker to the original rim silver color, bet I liked this way better. However in some inner areas, i noticed by touching that the paint was not all that smooth. So after a  full day of cure, used wet sand (2000) overall the rim, then a last layer of clear coat, and men, result was nice and smooth at touch, but at the eye there are still minor color variations, potentially by the not so smooth layer of paint under the coating.
    B) For the rest of rims, I tried to do different and get better results. After the fixes, I sanded (600-1000) all rim, then applied the adhesion promoter primer ALL over the rim. Then a wet sand 2000, and then the base color as described in A (2 light, one wet). After letting it dry and cure overnight, I gave the rims a very light wet sanded with 2000. Cleaned and dried them, then applied the clear coat as in A, 2 lights, 1 wet. The result of option B were noticeable better, a more uniform color against sun light, very good silver shining. And as I let the gloss clear coats un-sanded, they seemed more “deep”.
    Looking at the four rims together in the shadows, is impossible to notice the difference, but again, under high contrast lights, the 3 tires done with option B , look far better shining, and smoother to touch; that should help on the life of this finishing, as should reduce the friction with dust and other contaminates in the road.
    Overall, very satisfied with the product. I know I used more than suggested amount of paint (got a quarter or so remaining in one base and one gloss cans), and the process was more tedious. For being my first “Do it yourself” job, I’m very happy. My car color is dark gray graphite, so the darker silver (compared to original color) on shadow, and brighter reflections on lights, made a very nice looking fix to my car.
    I recommend this, proper preparation, patience and working conditions given. Looking to do some tests in painting sections of my black MTB bike soon with remaining paint 😉

  6. Steve Campbell

    I just finished 2 rims on a 2008 Lexus. The product worked very well. The color is a deep silver with a nice gloss. I did use one kit on 2 rims, I would recommend 2 kits for 4 rims. I also used a dupli primer color gray. Very satisfied!

  7. william watson

    very disappointed with product, and I've used rattle cans for 30 years. Soon as you add the topcoat up comes the blue tinge, and consequently end up with a rim that doesn't even faintly resemble the colour of the rim on the pack. if you use more colour coats on the rim and forgo the clear you'll get a nice bright silver, but will end up needing two to three cans, which gets a bit pricey

  8. driftking420g

    hey dupli I hope you see this I was wondering if you're product hyper silver will work on normal stock rims

  9. Catbert

    I followed the instructions in this video and determined it is flawed. If you apply the clear coat too soon you will likely experience what happened when I did. By not allowing the base coat to dry completely, the clear coat pooled away some of the base coat coloration causing dark blotches. The finish is now uneven (areas of gray and silver) and far from what I expected by following this video.

    Oh well. Thought I'd share this tidbit of experience to save others from the same fate.

  10. Eli A

    that kit comes with one can of the silver and one can of the clear, so it's only good for one rim or will it cover all four?

  11. Bruce Rudolph

    So I tried your product on a rim I was painting to match the other 3 20"rims on a 2010 Murano LE.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to the same high shine as my others.  I'm beginning to wonder if they are actually chrome painted rims and not hyper silver.

    Would you know what color they actually are?  And if they are Hyper Silver I wonder where I went wrong because the rim I painted looks like grey more than it does silver.

    I did them at the right temperature and humidity, followed the instructions and used a grey primer because I had some bare metal areas.

  12. Saqib Ramad

    ??do I have to use primer or anything for pitted Chrome rims? What if some of the Chrome has/is peeling?

  13. Saqib Ramad

    I would like to paint pitted chrome rims. Should I use primer or adhesion promoter?

  14. onewheelup

    i love these products,i have a 2013 WRX hatch with the oem wheels,i was wondering what this color would look like,my question is,when you get new tires put on does it get scratched to hell all around the rim,p.s. i go to discount tires.

  15. DRaKe6900

    Does this kit come in any colour? I'm looking for something darker such as Shadow Chrome or Gunmetal Grey


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