Review of Namsco Wheel Accessories NA7195G0 –

By | December 11, 2017

Today were reviewing part number NA7195G0 from Namsco. This is a set of four wheel liners, two for your front wheels and two for your duallies and it fits you 19 inch diameter by 6 inch wheels.This set is made specifically for a GMC or Chevrolet P30 chassis and it does not fit Bud rims. You do get four wheel liners, their made of highly polished stainless steel with a nice rolled edge. This chassis you wheels have five hand holes, four, five, and in the front wheel liners, you have a cut out in one of these hand holes and thats for your valve stem extension. You can get those from e-trailer, there sold separately.With your front convex shaped wheel liner, that fits perfectly over that wheel, you have five holes on your hub cover and they line up perfectly and the you install that with your lug nuts and then you have 10 polished lug nut covers, five for each wheel liner and those will fit over your lug nuts after youve installed the hub cover, just like that.Your rear wheel dually, also five hand holes, one, two, three, four, five, but you have 10 lug nuts in your dually so youre going to get 20 of these lug nut covers, 10 for each of your duallies. You have this hub cover, fits over your hub like that and I dont know if you can see it, but the hub cover, each of these hub covers have two brackets, one here, and one here and those are for your valve stem extensions.This part does carry a one year warranty.That is it for part number NA7195G0, the Namsco wheel liners for your 19 inch by 6 inch five lug front and 10 lug dually wheels with five hand holes.

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