Pacific Dualies: How To Install a Wheel Simulator (Under the Lug, One Piece Center Cap – 29-1608)

By | December 6, 2017

Pacific Dualies: How To Install a Wheel Simulator (Under the Lug, One Piece Center Cap - 29-1608)

This video explains how to install a Pacific Dualies stainless steel Under the Lug, One Piece Center Cap – 29-1608 wheel simulator.

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In this tutorial you learn how to change the horsepower of a mod for Farming Simulator 2015

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20 thoughts on “Pacific Dualies: How To Install a Wheel Simulator (Under the Lug, One Piece Center Cap – 29-1608)

  1. Alaattin

    Can you make Fs 2017 video(how to change hp)
    Because fs 17 have a lot of engine configuration

  2. BenEm1982

    Great tutorial. I'm good with cars and machinery, but useless with computers!
    From your vid, I've found the file and changed the specs to what I want, but how the hell do I save the changes???

  3. Spitz786

    I'm gonna freakin cry and go nuts… I've been trying this for about 3 hours now, and so far have not been able to adjust the HP of any of my John Deere.

  4. Magical Gamer Roblox / MGR

    how do you get the the stats bring up with folder

  5. Lance Shore

    lain, thanks for the video. I've tried this on two tractor mods with mixed results. It works fine on an allis mod I found on modhub, but not on a raba steiger. I've increased the torque scale, max rpm, and max forward gear ratio, and the steiger's still doesn't increase speed. I've also tried changing the throttle position with no results, but it will gear down. Any suggestions?

  6. catherine quirke

    can you make a video on how to change an implements horse power requirement

  7. TBNRblackout

    hey i did this like in the video but its not working i tried it on the unimog u 1600

  8. Dan Cap

    probably un related. But am wondering why my red baron 1100 is Wheeling when attached to the kroger multifruit. its ok with corn an spuds and straw forage…etc but with new crops like soy oats its struggling can you help?

  9. cg bob

    can u do the same but this time can u show me how to change the amount of grain a trailer holds plz?

  10. Ben2002SE

    I downloaded a mod (a john deere front loader) and only edited the "tourqueScale" to double the number that was already there. After doing this, and zipping the files back together, and putting it in my game, the tractor didn't show up. Then when I put the original file back into the game the tractor shows up again. What's wrong?

  11. AT5488

    After adjusting this would I need to save the file like normal? Also am I able to do this on in game tractors as well? I looked but not real hard and did not see the files like you showed.


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