Pacific Dualies 32-3950 19.5″ Polished Stainless Steel Wheel Simulator Rear Tag Axle Kit for 1999-2002 Ford F450/F550 Truck RV Motorhome

By | December 24, 2017

Pacific Dualies 32-3950 19.5″ Polished Stainless Steel Wheel Simulator Rear Tag Axle Kit for 1999-2002 Ford F450/F550 Truck RV Motorhome

Pacific Dualies 32-3950 19.5

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  • Blueprinted and designed for superior fitment
  • Manufactured from premium grade 304 stainless steel
  • DOT approved (over-the-lug) mounting design
  • For automatic and manual locking hubs
  • Lifetime warranty on polish and workmanship

This is a polished 19.5 inch 8 lug stainless steel wheel simulator rear axle kit for Ford F450/F550 truck is a over-the-lug mounting application that requires no lug nut removal. Kit Includes: 2-rear one-piece wheel covers and all mounting hardware.

List Price: $ 233.21

Price: $ 179.00

Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Controller

Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Controller

  • Closer to Reality. Get immersed in your farm’s open spaces by steering a real wheel, pushing actual pedals, and operating a programmable panel starring a front loader PC joystick with 6DoF and mode button that provides 12 axes to control
  • 900 Degrees of Rotation. Just like actual farming equipment, the PC steering wheel turns two and a half times from lock to lock. The Farm Sim wheel is an ideal tractor simulator for your virtual farm
  • Removable Turn Knob. Enables easier one-handed steering in farming sim games, including Farming Simulator 15: Gold Edition
  • Built-In Gamepad Controls. The wheel’s cornucopia of programmable buttons, switches, and twin analog sticks give precision command of your farmer whether in or out of your vehicle
  • Woodcutter’s Best Friend-The loader stick boasts 6 control axes and a top-mounted mode switch doubles those commands. This Farming Simulator controller is ideal as a crane simulator for logging in simulator games and crane games
  • Go for a Cruise-Keep your vehicles at a steady pace with the built-in speed dial. Cruise control frees you to focus on other tasks in your favorite farm simulator
  • Mod-Friendly Design-Farm Sim controller with more than 25 programmable buttons create a layout that’s ready to operate all of your custom vehicles. If you can build it, the Vehicle Side Panel can control it

A collaboration between Saitek and GIANTS Software, fueled by helpful feedback from the Farm Sim community, cultivated a range of custom hardware designed to make you feel like you’re nourishing an actual farm. Drive your heavy machinery with one hand on the wheel’s turn knob and the other on the side panel’s front loader control stick. Real pedals reinforce the sensation of sitting right inside the same vehicles you operate in Farming Simulator 15. And when it’s time to exit your vehicle to pick up a chainsaw, the wheel’s sticks and buttons give you full control of your virtual farmer. So have a seat, make yourself comfortable, and get down to agribusiness.

List Price: $ 249.99

Price: $ 249.99

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