Motorhome Wheel Cap/ Simulator Removal

By | December 14, 2017

Removal of a Wheel Cap/ Simulator commonly used on a Motorhome, RV, Campervan, turck etc. Look for the two nuts or similar never pry this type of cover off as it will probably bend out of shape.
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Paul Acevedo unboxes the Playseat Forza and then assembles it. Video review: Full review: Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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21 thoughts on “Motorhome Wheel Cap/ Simulator Removal

  1. Simply Tuned

    I wanted to know how to connect it… ): my wheel isn't working on my xbox

  2. Billy Williams

    He should have been putting this together a month ago BORING 😦😟

  3. Ice Kold Killa

    Even though I bought the GT one (same pretty much), I'm using your video to repack it all to return it. It's amazing and all but I just couldn't stop thinking of how I barely used it and I could get way more for my money if I bought a Switch. Had to return my G29 too. Anyways, thanks! And don't let this make anyone think it's not worth it. If you have the money, go ahead but think to yourself first. Are there many games that you'll play using this. Do you play those games much? Will you still play it after 3 months or will it sit there collecting dust? I'm too busy to find time to use this every day.

  4. charles lucke jr

    5 minuetes in and i wanna punch you in the face cause you KEEP CALLING THE ALIN KEY A WRENCH

  5. michael305schn

    How is the chair for your back? Vs sitting on a chair or couch. I just got the wheelstand pro and I wish I had known about this stand and set up from forza. My back hurts sitting a couch. A chair is better but I'm jealous of this set up.

  6. patzsediego

    i dont understand why gamers step on the brake pedal using their LEFT foot ??


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