Logitech G27 Wheel Mod – How To Install Guide – Tutorial

By | December 8, 2017

Logitech G27 Wheel Mod - How To Install Guide - Tutorial

Logitech G27 Wheel Mod – How To Install Guide + Tutorial

In this video I take you through how I modified my logitech G27, taking it from the standard 280mm wheel to a 340mm sparco wheel, including creating a button plate with new buttons, and extending the paddle shifters.

All mods are non destructive, and make returning the G27 to its original form quick and easy.

-No soldering onto the existing G27 pcb is required.
-No cutting of any existing G27 wiring is required.

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20 thoughts on “Logitech G27 Wheel Mod – How To Install Guide – Tutorial

  1. DrDemonHD

    I’m going to use an Integra DC2 steering wheel because I’m actually making an Integra type r interior using the g27, and I want not know if I can use an actual OEM car wheel for this…

  2. BackStamp Racer

    ive had about 10 hours on the stock g27 and just switched to a 350mm momo wheel and it feels so much better than stock, i really like it

  3. Max Ferrari

    Hello it's possible have a name a wheel sparco use and a the measurements of the push-button door ?!? Thank

  4. Pernando

    Wow. Haven't seen a video as well made as this one in a while. Thoroughly enjoyed. Just subbed

  5. Motorcycle Lover

    I changed my steering wheel also and i've been using the new wheel on my g27 for about a month now. Feels better for the games that I play. I only play ets2, ats and city car driving mostly so the new bigger wheel just creates more immersion for me. Of course the force feedback is pretty weak but it doesn't bother me much as these games that I play aren't games that would require force feedback as much as some racing games. I tried project cars 2 on this thing but it feels a little annoying to play with weak force feedback.

  6. Kram Billall

    Great self build wheel & button job & vid. Thx for the wheel size info…

  7. Lil wAnnA bE TryHard

    U can put real life car wheel like Honda Accord steering wheel to g27

  8. Mansell5Senna8

    Wheel looks awesome, but from the video you have it way too low. Might be part of the problem with using it.

  9. Karma Khazi

    After all that hard work resulting in a quality build, you were then brutally honest about how good (or bad) the wheel was to actually use. Much kudos to you for telling it like it is, sir. I've just subscribed to your channel.

  10. Ross Aldrich

    excellent video, and understand your conclusions about the wheel size, however, going to a larger wheel increases precision, as with the longer travel distance on the circle you can make finer inputs.. yes, it is slower, but that can be overcome through practice.. I don't run racing games, but rather drive Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator, and I replaced my G27 wheel with an 18 inch (457mm) Steering Creations, Inc. (SCI) wheel for a Peterbilt Semi-truck.. As I drive commercial trucks for a living, the first major advantage was sheer comfort, holding a wheel of the same size that I hold 10 hours a day, followed very closely by the increased precision necessary for tasks such as backing.. So, the trade off is precision versus speed, and I think you will adapt to the speed fairly quickly, and learn to love the increased precision the larger wheel gives you, especially in overtaking situations in traffic.. Also, a pro tip: don't hook your thumbs on the crossbars.. it's slower, reaction wise, and IRL is dangerous in the event that your tires hit something, as if the wheel snaps in one direction or the other, it will break your thumbs.. :o)

  11. Niels Korthuis

    Nice video, I'm making an f1 steering wheel. Where did you get the cabling from?

  12. Dominique Coaston

    I subbed thanks for the help making me chose my wheel and upgradrs

  13. Dhanuka8000

    for the more effort required to turn the wheel can be fixed by you reducing the turning circle of the wheel from 900°

  14. Flightsimpm

    g27 wheel weight is 800g anything more than that will have negative ffb effect
    i had the same issue and instead i made my own wheel out of foamex with a cnc for euro truck simulator
    the new wheel is around 650g with 37cm diameter and i can confirm ffb feels even better
    i build sim hardware for a living 😉

  15. Edgaras ee

    Both of your named issues can be easily fixed. You can always crank up force feedback in a game and concerning steering, you can change maximum steering lock in logitech software options. If you fiddle around with those two, I feel like you can go back to your original feeling or at least close to it.


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