Install A Handbrake And Shifter on Playseat Challenge ?!?!?!

By | December 19, 2017

decided to give my rig a breath of fresh air and upgrade it a bit, and keep the compact theme it needs!
Don’t forget I had to drill my holes in the square mounting plate as the holes provided are too close/too small
Edit:: at about five minutes in I state that the RAM mount plate comes with 4 bolts, what I meant was the RAM mount plate comes with 4 bolt holes. No bolts were included with the ram mounts except for the U-boats.

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Instagram: crashhawkra

Music used is
Infared by Letter Box
Dat Step by Gunnar Olsen
Intro Graphical Sequence made by PartIntronersInCrimeGFX

Wheel Used Thrustmaster 599 XX EVO 30 unboxing and impressions.

How to clean alcantara below!

Controlled Chaos – Supernatural Haunting by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

My Computer:
asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 mother board; AMD fx 8350 OC to 4.4 ghz; Cooler master hyper 212 evo; Patriot viper 8gb ram x2; Sapphire R9 290X TRI X 8 gb GPU; InWin greenme 750 PSU; Patriot 250gb SSD; WD 3 TB HD; 4 120 mm CASE FANS; 2 140 mm CASE FANS; PCI Express USB hub; PCI Express dual band wifi adapter; Sound blaster mono usb sound card (simvibe)
RIG specs:
Thrustmaster tx, TM 599xx Evo 30 add on wheel, TM 458 add on wheel, TH8A shifter, T500 pedals with rc car hydraulic shock brake mod, 3×24 inch monitors, flight stick modded to hand brake with 2 rc hydraulic shocks Logitech g35 headset
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20 thoughts on “Install A Handbrake And Shifter on Playseat Challenge ?!?!?!

  1. Rachid Khamlichi

    You have a lot of thrustmasters in the past how would you say their reliability is, I'm considering on buying as TS-PC racer but people been saying thrustmaster can be unreliable, also do you know if TS-PC racer will fit onto the Playseat challenge? TY =)

  2. Hassam Khan

    Nodes imt work ate it avomfoeya€in s jaw owl does or Smaug to be the Jonas whs

  3. Porter Racing

    What I want to know is, is it easy to get out? like how you have triple screens and what not, was it hard to get out

  4. 1121mdcity jiggy

    does the playseat challenge make your back all sweaty after long time? looks like it would cause of material

  5. antsolja

    this is actually the same seat and handbreak ive been looking at getting
    im glad i saw this

  6. The 19th Battalion

    @RTA MOTORSPORTS – Love this rig, awesome set up. I have the same with a G29, and I've got RAM Mounts as you have. I just have a question. I have the RAM Double Socket ARM – Size C with a RAM plate thats mounted onto the shifter.. Now when I tried to use a RAM Double U BOLT – Size C to attach it to the play seat, it's too big, as in the nuts don't close all the way and its too loose. I'm just wondering what size U bolt you used? If you could link the exact bolt that would be awesome! I'm praying its size C so I don't have to replace the plate and double socket as well! Cheers man.

  7. FuturisticViper

    Nice Rig I got a Rseat Rs1 mounting a hand brake and shifters are really stable on it i even added dual cup holders with led lights.

  8. David Pietras

    Thank you for sharing your setup. I'm thinking about petitioning the wife for one of those seats and was wondering if I would be able to get that shifter as a future add-on. Very clever solution.

  9. Danny Krewench

    Question man on The bottom of the thrust master shifter are the M6 bullets holes already there to accept the nuts

  10. Dan's Racing & Simulations

    Check out the Ricmotech short shifter for the TH8A. Makes the shifts feel much more natural and quicker. Also the lesser movement may resolve some of your shifter moving around on your rig. Also if you decide to go with a non motion rig that is a little more solid but still takes up minimal space, check out the GT Omega ART. Been using it for a while and it is a pretty solid rig for there not being much to it. See you on the track, or more than likely during the next ISR live show!

  11. Chris Corbin

    Could you please post a link of that exact ram mount? Recently bought the playseat challenge and would like to mount my th8a shifter like how you've done.


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