How to setup the Logitech G27 for Farming Simulator 2015

By | December 19, 2017

Here is the link to the Logitech Profiler –

In this tutorial you learn how to setup your G27 for Farming Simulator 2015


1. Download the Logitech Profiler N.B. Link above
2. Go to Global Device Settings.
3. Check the report combined pedals
4. Set your preferred degrees of rotation and adjust your force feedback settings to the desired amount.
5. Launch Farming Simulator 2015
6. Go to options miscellaneous and make sure your steering wheel is turned on to be used in game.
7. Go to controls in options.
8. Find the accept menu item and bind it to a key. N.B. This used to be a problem and I am not sure if it is still a problem , so in order to avoid any possible problems, make sure you bind it to a key.
9. Find the drive forward and click on it and press your accelerator
10. Find your steer right and click on it and then turn your wheel all the way to the right.
11. Save your settings.
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22 thoughts on “How to setup the Logitech G27 for Farming Simulator 2015

  1. Arthur Skjold Bersås

    when i coupling my g25 to fs15 it just starting to scroll down or up have you a answer to that

  2. Sirius Production

    There is a huge problem! When
    I try to connect the steering wheel to the GTA and Farming Simulator, I
    restart, and after the switch switch down – and in the game the camera
    goes down! What to do – I use Logitech G25!

  3. Lodewijk Vrije

    my friend has a problem where his character keeps walking backwards, or inside the menu it will be scrolling up and down automatically, he has a G-27 and only mapped axis to the Drive options not the walk options. i have the same problem sometimes with my G-25 and it just appears to happen randomly. one time it will work fine and the next time you are looking at your dude walking backwards again. do you have any idea as to what might cause this?

  4. Thias myrbäck

    when i dont hold in the acceleration pedal vehicle will go in reverse automatically, how do i fix that?

  5. Vladimir Putin

    Works fine 🙂
    But, when i used windows 10 my software crashed… Does this has to do with this setup or is it the software update for all logitech products?
    Btw, iam on windows 7 now and it works fine now 🙂

  6. Bjønne Bacon

    I love the fact that you say: first step is to make shure you have a g27 wheel

  7. dog691978

    will it work with the g29 it what let me map the buttons to farming sim

  8. Adrian Herrera

    how activate force feedback? i dont have the option on off in game setting

  9. FormulaBlack

    thank you very much i could not find out the problem for the longest of time

  10. DRAGEN92

    I have a prob, when i go in to options and i try to change something like the gampepad or if i hava a keyboard or whatever, i go out then i press save and then out the game just restarts automaticly and then when the game has restarted the options i changed are not saved…… im trying to set up this g27 but with this problem ……….

  11. MrJDMmills

    i have a g27 and a extreme 3d pro joystick can i get them to work together- stick for loader when & pedals for drving

  12. MrMrfiks

    Thanks for the help. Worked in windows 7 which I used JoyKey for everything except steering and throttle and brake and my joystik .

  13. giovanni belcastro

    we hope that the next tutorial is the conversion script 15-17


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