How to set up your steering wheel on Omsi bus simulator

By | December 20, 2017

Hey guys, I’m using a Thrustmaster RGT pro, it’s the same for all of them though
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How to install mods using the Steam Workshop in American Truck Simulator and ETS2

In this quick tutorial video I show you how to install mods via the Steam Workshop for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2!

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American Truck Simulator and ETS2 now have full Steam Workshop support making it easier than ever to install mods to your game.

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40 thoughts on “How to set up your steering wheel on Omsi bus simulator

  1. MrDerpiez

    I plugged my steering wheel in with usb. And it doesnt show on the omsi controllers???

  2. Tyrique

    Hi mate
    How do you turn the sensitivity down on the steering wheel please. Its too sensitive

  3. ClassicPistons

    Hey mate, how did you set the gear stick? I really cannot set it for the gearbox

  4. loganboi

    Hey do you know how to fix this problem I got a g27 and when I set up the throttle and brake they don't work then I put where the throttle is and set it to throttle/brake and it works I want it so I can use them separately not together

  5. Gabriel Matysiak

    My pedals aren't working for gas break and the clutch any idea why?

  6. IPR3DATOR Gaming

    Cheers bro been looking for one theses videos that explains it a lot easier 😉

  7. zomaargames

    Heyy can u help me i have a problem. Every time when i want to drive and i hit the sidewalk my steeringwheel locks its force feedback then i have to press the K button and it turns normal
    How can i get rid of this problem

  8. Jay Thomson

    my brake and accelerator are both set to the same thing how do I change that

  9. Scout0921

    Whenever I step on my throttle and brake, the start at 100% and when I press on them, they go to zero. What should I do? Also I am using OMSI 2

  10. AleX GameS

    Why when i go away from the settings and then i try to turn the wheel, it doesn't move and when I go back to the settings, my wheel is not selected and it's not active again. Can you help me as sooner as possible please.

  11. PoliceAndTheTube

    How do you actually delete a steering wheel since I have a same type but 2 different ones. How to delete?

  12. grinkorable

    Throtlle, brake, steereng wheel
    are seen in controller set-up,
    but when it comes to driving
    only steering wheel moves.
    Tried all possible ways to fix this
    problem, but none working.
    Controller G-27 and OMSI game,not OMSI 2.
    Any help.

  13. Mikhail Kokhanevich

    how much does ATS cost on steam?
    I got steam and 1 game and really want ATS

  14. Ethan415

    I was so upset when I bought this game and I didn't know I can get mods on it so thank you so it's over showing me how are you getting mods

  15. Wild child 77

    thank you for the vid.but I see u have the viper Pete u have a newer version of it.mine crashes my game wen ever I go to customize it

  16. CyborgSlayz - Minecraft

    i dont get the steam workshop button on my mod manager so the steam workshop isnt working what should i do?

  17. Jack Hawken

    I had issues cause they added the steam workshop a few updates ago and they wouldn't work

  18. Erin Beevs

    I've just remembered how much your American Truck Sim picture looks like a thug.


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