How to Install Mods for American Truck Simulator

By | December 17, 2017

Today I will be showing you how to download and install mods on American Truck Simulator, hope it helps. As always, remember to rate, comment, and subscribe.

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Keyboard: Blackwidow Ultiamate
Ram: 8GB G Skill
Steering wheel: Logitech G27
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19 thoughts on “How to Install Mods for American Truck Simulator

  1. Tom T.M.G [Tom the Master Gamer]

    I got the car but if I get 1 mile away from the dealer of the car. it crashes

  2. MaRc _CaCaL77

    My mod file s not there help i have the mod a installed but the file mod is not there

  3. Quazi Zohayer Raj

    i installed a car mod and did selected it in the mod manager but where do i find it

  4. GTA Girls

    Hey what if you American truck simulator folder doses not have the mod folder??

  5. Alpha Gamer

    please help me i donwloaded a map mod and it doesnt work do you know why it begins with mexcausn something like that

  6. xXtryuXx

    +buckshot Hey, Why do I not have a mod folder or any other folders that i saw on yours? Like I have no music folder, mod folder and screenshots etc… Can you fix this?


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