How to Install and Enable Mods in Farming Simulator 17

By | December 18, 2017

In this video I show how to install mods into Farming Simulator 17. Mods for Farming Simulator can be downloaded as self installing applications or as ZIP archives that need to be manually moved or copied over. It always a good practice to open the mod and make sure the moddesc is preset and you don’t need to extract the mod further.
RDAllen’s Mod List:!AkTLLQIzkoNPiCIhWZ9icXRK1i2c
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20 thoughts on “How to Install and Enable Mods in Farming Simulator 17

  1. Angie Kolb

    I did every thing that you said and when I open the game and go to mods list there not there

  2. A West

    For steam users go to – my computer, my Documents, my Games, farming sim 2017 (or what ever one you are using they are all similar in this way),mods (if no file just add it), once in mod folder just put file in then close it and load up game done. In the steam library do on open browse local files and add mods that way they will not work. took me long time to figure that one out ;(

  3. Nitz Farms

    This isn't just a mod map, this is any map. My maps won't load. It says "Game is being loaded, please wait" but it will never load. Any ideas??

  4. George Nipper

    I bought the new dlc and wen I try to run it it says I need platinums product key


    how in the world do i get these dumb mods on my PC i have been trying to FIGURE out how to get them and i cant FIGURE THIS OUT 🙁 Can you please help me

  6. The Coffee Cup

    I'm looking for a auto-loading bale/pallet trailer. Any recommendations?

  7. Ben Paton

    i have tried all your steps but my game recently did an update so no mods are recognised in my mods folder can please help

  8. RileyKoppVlogs

    Thank you so much now I can download all of the mods I want. Before some mods I downloaded wouldn't work, thank you so much. It did work

  9. Bork The Swedish Chef

    you are bad at making tutorials man. downloaded it then ''i have a mod folder here'' not telling us were to make the mod folder or even if we need to.. i mean come on..

  10. rohancrisp

    when i double click mods to run them or find the moddesc my pc says I need to get a progranm called winzip?


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