10 thoughts on “How to Configure Microsoft Sidewinder Steering Wheel To American Truck Simulator on windows 10

  1. xxk4rilsxx

    Awesome! I have a mac but I'm going to download windows but I'm not sure which version would be best. I have the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel usb version

  2. Michael Holm

    dose any one no how I can Configure a Thrust master Ferrari Italia Xbox 360 wheel too this game I can't figure it out the wheel works on other games

  3. Kim Richards

    Can you make a written document that describes what you are doing, I can do this while watching this?

  4. Marcio Lima

    how to install is? try a lot to instaal de driver but it is dont work 🙁


    DO you have the original Microsoft drivers for the wheel? I believe it is version 4.0…I'm assuming you have the drivers installed, no?

  6. LemonBiscuit

    my truck goes forward when i'm not pressing the accel pedal, any help?


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