13 thoughts on “FernBus Simulator Wheel Set Up Tutorial

  1. Eezee Listen

    Excellent tutorial, especially for me as I, at the ripe old age of 60, am not only completely new to the world of PC gaming, but also – wait for it – totally ignorant of all technology!! However, as a therapy, I have been advised to engage myself in certain activities (I have cancer and severe arthritis, what a combo!!). I have ATS and ETS1 and have managed to set up my Thrustmaster F430 for the ATS (well, sort of!) but failed miserably with Fernbus which I only bought yesterday. Your video has helped me immensely, thank you so much. I am now going to watch your route set up and game play video.
    Best wishes from West Cork, (where it always rains!)

  2. Mr.Bandit

    big like for this video m8, i also have logitech driving force gt and work for me your tutorial 😉

  3. ramoo200

    any idea of how to set the wheel sensitivity ? my wheel is just very free. it suppose to move a bit hard like in real life cars if you know what i mean

  4. loushon86

    I can't make my driver look forward. he only looks to the right and even when I move his head straight forward, he immediately looks to the right again. Camera views spin to right in never ending circles.

  5. Daniels Jagtfilm

    What button for gearshifter i got g25 and cant just pick the shifter

  6. Ange1walk

    Hey man, you really seem to know what you are doing, may i ask even though i know there is no Mouse Steering yet, do you have any Temporairly workaround to use Mouse Steering? Many Thanks!


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