farming simulator 2017 quick wheel and joystick setup how to

By | December 15, 2017

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for setup info check out room tour video:

PC specs:
i5 6600k processor
ASUS z170 motherboard
Corsair 750 psu
2x GTX980 graphics cards
2TB hard drive
NZXT H440 case

DIY wooden rig
Cobra bucket seat
Thrustmaster T500 wheel
Fanatec V1 pedals
Thrustmaster TH8A shifter
DIY SQ shifter and handbrake
Speedlink joystick
DIY button box
50″ Bush 1080p 60Hz TV
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In this video Earl will be showing you how to install custom tracks, gear, bike and even custom rims/wheels! This game is super aweosme! One of the best and hardest Mx games out! Please stay tunned to Earls Gaming Channel! Love you guys! Back at it again with another video!

Custom Tracks

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27 thoughts on “farming simulator 2017 quick wheel and joystick setup how to

  1. Wild Whitelocks

    How do you stop it turning left all the time I done what you said and it still does could you let me know plz anyone and mark

  2. That Dude There

    So are you saying, don't delete the keyboard or mouse functions? ; )

  3. miniman7

    i have set the controls and the front loader doesn't lift its arm or anything i set it to do

  4. Dre C.

    After more research will I need to plug one joystick in for driving and set the controls save and then plug the second joystick in and set the equipment operations?

  5. Dre C.

    Great videos
    I'm looking to do a dual Logitech 3d pro stick setup. Can you set one stick to control the driving operations and the other to control equipment attachments and forestry equipment? If so please send me a link to the video! I do not want a wheel and paddles just double joysticks and keyboard!

  6. Arthur 94

    Earls gaming plz send me the link to your musquin wallpaper, it looks awesome!

  7. ReKtiC Ambush

    Hope You Get To Riding Soon I Live In North Carolina Moving To California I Ride A 2 Stroke 125cc Ktm Stock Would love To Ride?


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