Farming Simulator 2015: HOW TO CHANGE COLORS

By | December 10, 2017

Today i will be showing you how to change the colors on your trucks and trailers. it is very simple to do, so follow these simple steps and you shouldn’t have any trouble. As always remember to rate, comment and subscribe.


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Hello guys, this is just a very short clip that shows you how to remove placeables on Farming Simulator 17.

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In this video, I am using the greenhouse as an example, but it works the same for every placeable. (shelters, hayloft, buildings, fences, pressure washer, vehicle workshop, water tower, heating plant, silo extension, bee house, solar collector, wind energy converter, picnic shelter, shack, and so on.)

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14 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 2015: HOW TO CHANGE COLORS

  1. Tazcan Von Braun

    hi buckshot how do you change the default color when they are dyeable will be great if you can tell me.thanks for your video

  2. the one

    thanks very helpful, how about a video were you edit the speed on a truck, or what it can carry, you know  like a certain dump truck that cant carry silage for example…. or those changes are highly more complex than your average capacity change…. thanks anyways

  3. scorpionsedge

    Never realized it was that easy to change the color. Thanks for the video!!!

  4. Hawk DA Bear

    How did you enter the over head view? That's the important part you left out.

  5. Demian Jones

    This is to simple and we all here are so stupid that we did not realize this.Thanks man ,you helped me a lot!

  6. YGK

    thank god its possible to sell placables… great video! But please increase the volume of your voice in the video.


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