Farming Simulator 2015 : Changing wheels : And Texture Paths!!

By | December 14, 2017

Hey everyone, Today I show you how to change wheels on a mod. I also show how to assign your textures to the right path. Sorry video was so fast. If this video has helped you be sure to hit that like button and subscribe for more. Also be sure to share it to get it out there for people needing help. I also wanna thank you all for the support.


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7 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 2015 : Changing wheels : And Texture Paths!!

  1. Rodney Ashley

    I made changes to just the width of tires on a mod and must be saving it wrong because the changes don't show in game. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated

  2. Bulldog Gaming

    kewl vid atf. following along with your tutorials have helped me tremendously. still learning though. could you show how to add friction script.

  3. Blake Bakalar

    where do I find bumpers and stuff for trucks and were can I get those wheels


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