Cool Truck Sh!t – Wheel Accessories

By | December 5, 2017

Today we are bringing you another episode of “Cool Truck Sh!t” We go into depth talking about Wheel Accessories we offer including Spiked Lug Nuts and Spiked Valve Stem Caps, show you what is included, what you will need, and how we install it!

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20 thoughts on “Cool Truck Sh!t – Wheel Accessories

  1. harvey dog

    I Looking at getting the lug nuts for my Nissan nv passenger now, thanks!

  2. Erik Butz

    Wonder if the spike lugs will work on the LRG 104 wheels. I'm told they won't but I'm not sure

  3. Shane Dylewski

    I have the gear big block wheels,so it has the covered center caps with Allen bolts,is there any mini chrome spikes that would take the place of the Allen bolts? That would be cool to offer

  4. Shaun Stricklin

    Love those chrome rims and lugz would look sweet on my 2016 f-150

  5. Bowen Wheeler

    Luv this shit !
    Just bought a new Rig hope to add light bars soon. Luv your Chanel keep up the great work

  6. fuzzy wuzzy

    they seem kind of douchey… the type of guy that buys those for his bro mobile probbaly uses hair gel, has tribal tatttoos and generaly looks like a douche

  7. Mr_ Hollywood_812

    awesome gettin them soon as i pick my wheels. between 22×10 and 22×12 dont want them sticking out too much on my sierra. smh

  8. Alonzo 1219 THE U FAMILY

    Can you guy's let me know if those wheels will fit my 84 Chevrolet k10 4×4

  9. Will Damian

    So the spiked lug nuts are the locks themselves because it comes with its own socket? So it's impossible to steal wheels if you don't own spiked lug nuts?

  10. Jovany Flores

    I have a question, is there a difference in rubbing with a 24×12 and 22×12 with a 305 tire on a 2007 Sierra leveling kit?


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