Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 : New Cars, New Shop, Changing Brakes and Oil! (PC)

By | December 14, 2017

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018! We check out the shop, show off the new interface, Showroom, XP System, and More! We get back to work by changing oil and the brakes on a few rides!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!


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20 thoughts on “Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 : New Cars, New Shop, Changing Brakes and Oil! (PC)

  1. David Ladd

    DieselDesigns Gaming
    can u buy the game on disc or is it just download

  2. Anthony A

    WOW it looks like such an improvement over 2015's! I don't get the 6/10 currently on Steam!

  3. Staminist

    I am SO buying this one!
    I "graduated", "PhD-d" the 2015 car mechanic and this will be a treat like no other! 😀

  4. TheBoltMaster

    You don't have to change the oil filter everytime you change oil in this game!

  5. Stranded

    You didn't need to hold the LMB/RMB on the lifter controls in order to use it, you could either click it or hold it

  6. Andrew Drechsler

    Not like ur gonna pay any attention to my comment but I live in Baltimore so I literally grew up in Ocean City and it does get bad. Especially after storms and traffic

  7. James Nitrox

    I'm sick and can't sleep, time for some YouTube surfing. Saw your channel and liked what I'm seeing, sub'd. 😀🤒

  8. Man Man

    What course should i shift to if i want to be a car mechanic? My parents forced me to take civil engineering even though i dont want it.

  9. Stephen williams

    Did he really just call the yellow car a Ford Focus its a Volkswagen golf

  10. Samuel Ketonen

    You NEVER change 1 pair of pads in a shop because then the car would brake uneven. And also when you buy new pads you get 2 pairs (front/rear brakes) 🙂


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