$50,000 Racing Simulator — Thrustmaster T500RS (CES 2013)

By | December 14, 2017

T500 F1 Racing Wheel – http://amzn.to/W0DMJI
Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel – http://amzn.to/W0DVg4

This is a quick look at an incredibly sophisticated racing simulator built by Thrustmaster for CES 2013. This unit features a triple-monitor setup, custom sound configuration and a Ferrari licensed F1 racing wheel. Stay tuned for complete coverage from CES 2013.

20 thoughts on “$50,000 Racing Simulator — Thrustmaster T500RS (CES 2013)

  1. Rick Brown

    2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS models start at $36,905 for a 1SS Coupe and $41,905 for the top-trim 2SS Coupe. … Add $6,500 to get the 1LE performance package in the coupe variants. The Camaro 50th Anniversary package is only available on the 2017 2SS model and costs $1,795

  2. chazz LUCAS

    There are kids with no food in their stomachs ….. What have we become ??

  3. Phil P

    Hahaha why would I buy this for 50k when you can have a custom built F1000 built for 20k??? and the F1000 is a scaled down F1. There is a garage here in Scottsdale that will build it to order.

  4. K GEE

    There’s a rari on Autotrader for 40k… yeah I know where I’d spend my money


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