10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives For THIS WINTER

By | December 17, 2017

10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives – Snow Straps, Skid Chains, Snow Sock
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Links :

– AutoSock tyre snow socks for cars vans and trucks : http://amzn.to/2yfYSxy
– ZipGripGo : http://amzn.to/2jyZNrh
– MICHELIN EASY GRIP : http://amzn.to/2knyuwH
– Shark Industries Snow Socks : http://amzn.to/2AvmEM1
– MITA Tire Chain : http://bit.ly/2B5ypYj
– Spikes Spider : http://amzn.to/2iTZ8gp
– Car Snow Tire Anti-skid Chains White Chains For Family Car : http://bit.ly/2yg89Wi
– A new belt type snow chain, Silent Spike : http://bit.ly/2jPC7fh
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Wheel spacers from Titan Wheel Accessories (2″) being installed on the Ram Rebel. Looks AMAZING!!!
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27 thoughts on “10 Most Amazing Snow Chain Alternatives For THIS WINTER

  1. Trevor Capstick

    Better wear your food processing gloves when you put on your Michelin composite tire chain so your little girly pussy hands don't get dirty

  2. Devin E

    I would never put zip ties around my rims. Seems like u could rip off a valve stem if it slips to the opposite spoke and scratch or scuff them. 🙂 gotta keep them looking good lol

  3. John Gaither

    I talked to a driver with my company who used them as a test. He claimed they were the best thing in snow he had ever used. Recommended top speed is 25 mph. They install in about 15 minutes and take almost as long to remove. They have been accepted in the states with the strictest chain laws. The big downside is cost. He said about $300 per axle. So $900 bucks in some states. Much more than chains but worth the money if you use them.

  4. Andrei Stefan

    Why would Subaru approve the AutoSocks? A Subaru doesn't need such things!

  5. Zeek M

    That's a nice hoax.
    Nobody drives anymore except work crews and even they get harassed.
    People quit driving just like they quit watching nigger tv

  6. spinach vlogs

    now hold the fuck up…your telling me a fucking ziptie can get me traction…well shit i should put them on my jeep

  7. K. R. V.

    The type at 12:00, looks easy enough to put on and take off, but you think they would show it work on ice and snow?

  8. Lillbergarn

    Just swap to winter tires in winter conditions like you should do. And if u always have icy conditions consider a awd car

  9. Doug Rv

    Diy man,,,,there are more than just a few grown men that have no clue how install chains,,,,,change a flat tire,,,,

  10. ctoth18

    That’s awesome , thanks for vids , off road mode thing drives me crazy with speed limit , leaving it in 4 wheel and this mod going to make truck look mean . Hopefully the front end holds up because I don’t know if I can live without this mod now

  11. chad hardy

    You will need a new front end in 6 months.. I put some on my ram because I put on fender flares, destroyed all front end parts in 6 months.

  12. Justin Cribbs

    awesome video , cant wait to purchase mine as well. Any difference in ride quality or do i need to get the vehicle aligned or anything ?

  13. Kavens World

    Sweet Dude!! Its awesome how a comment can create content 🙂 The rebel indeed looks better with a wider stance, like a jeep. Good Point about the jack mode it would suck to mess that up. BTW nice decal on the side. I wish that the rebel came stock with two more "rebel" badges. To replace the two "1500" badges on the side doors. Oh well an easy upgrade. 🙂

  14. Todd McCarter

    glad you put the notation about the fuel door, I was kind of wondering why it was missing.


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